Innovative Cultivation


Innovative Cultivation

4evergreen is an early adapter of developments in automation and digitalization. We invest in automation and innovation and like to keep innovating and improving. 4evergreen works with unmanned self-propelled forklifts and self-propelled harvesters. Everything is automated and robotized as much as possible. In addition, we are fully engaged with (big) data to optimize processes and we are steering towards autonomous growing.

Innovation has been a driving force since the start of the company. Below is a selection of our innovations.


The first forklift


1st climate computer of the Netherlands in operation


Harvest carts with freshly cut peppers drive to the barn fully automatically.


Since 2005, we have been using the grading camera

This camera takes 16 photos per bell pepper. It passes 4.4 peppers per second. A total of 840 photos are taken per second.


We were the first in the Netherlands to package peppers directly at the growing site.

This allows us to deliver day fresh, minimizing quality loss which benefits "Shelf Life.


Sustainable location in Terneuzen


Self-driving forklifts


Housing for our employees