bell pepper nursery


For 5 generations, craftsmanship and passion has been passed on. We grow red, yellow, green and orange peppers at several locations in the Netherlands. With passion for the product, years of experience, up-to-date knowledge and the drive to innovate, our cultivation specialists grow high quality peppers.

We grow peppers in the most sustainable way possible and work primarily with biological control agents such as insects. This allows us to produce a clean and high-quality product in an environmentally friendly way. We look ahead, use the latest techniques to reduce the burden on our people but also to achieve our goals. And therefore our people enjoy working together, because together we get further. Every single day. So that we deliver a fresh product of perfect quality to our customers.

Innovative growing

4evergreen has been implementing various innovations for many years. Since 2005 we have been named in the distinguished listing in the Hillenraad Top100, a ranking of the hundred leading agricultural companies in the Netherlands that is compiled every year. Since that year we have risen considerably in position. In addition to this listing, 4evergreen was the winner of the 2014 Horticultural Entrepreneur Award.

Sustainable growing

4evergreen is constantly striving to do business in the most socially responsible way possible. Planet, profit and people are central to everything we do. Growing, sorting and packaging high quality peppers is something we do together and with pleasure. Every single day.