Processing and packaging


Processing peppers

In our own processing hall the just harvested peppers are processed. The harvested peppers are put into self-propelled harvesting carts. These carts automatically drive to the cooled hall. Here the peppers are emptied into the sorting line where they are sorted by size, weight and color.

Packaging of peppers

4evergreen has set up machinery to package red, yellow, green and orange peppers. We pack peppers per piece but also per 2,3 or 4. With 2 or more pieces, these are often combinations of several colors that we also call bell pepper mix. We have the ability to deliver flowpack packages from our own cultivation locations to retail. This allows us to deliver day fresh, minimizing loss of quality and benefiting ‘Shelf Life’.


Packaging is essential

Packaging the peppers is essential. This prevents food waste due to spoilage or damage. The impact of food waste is much greater than the impact of packaging. Of course, we are critical of the material we use. We use recyclable foils so that the impact for packaging a bell pepper is minimal.